Sunday, December 13, 2015

Florence Street View

Sunday, December 13, 2015
While in Florence earlier this year we were walking down some of the main streets, but there was always a side street you could catch a glimpse of as you walked by.  It was very crowded when we were there as I am sure it is most days.  Amazingly enough as I looked down this one street there was no one on the street within my view, and I got this picture that I stitched up below.  I edited it before printing it to fabric and did not even have to photoshop any people out of it.  (I know it is often used as a verb, but I actually found the word photoshop listed as a verb in all of the online dictionaries that I searched.)
This piece was selected to appear on the Front Range Contemporary Quilters website Portfolio 2016 Exhibit.  The exhibit will be posted beginning January 1 and will be on display the entire 2016 calendar.  There will be a portfolio book made available later.  I am thrilled to have this piece included in some of the best works of 2015 by the members of this talented group.

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