Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pattern 92

Thursday, June 25, 2015
This next check pattern is very similar to my last one, except there is one small change to the directions as I added another color.  Here is how I created it:

Step 1 - Create a new two inch by two inch file.

Step 2 - Turn your grid on.  View -> Grid.  Set your grid options as follows:  Edit -> Preferences -> Guides & Grid, Gridline every 0.5 inch and Subdivisions 1. 

Step 3 - Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, draw out two vertical rectangles the length of the square one half inch wide and one half inch between the two selected areas.  Using the Paint Bucket tool, fill these two selections with a color.  I chose to color them blue this time.  See my first image below.

Step 4 - Next duplicate the layer and rotate the new layer 90 degrees right.  Layer -> Duplicate Layer.  Select the new layer and Image -> Rotate -> Layer 90 degrees Right.

Step 5 - Now change the blue color to red using the Paint Bucket tool as shown in my second image below.

Step 6 - Using the Opacity slider bar on the new layer, set the opacity to 50%, and there is your pattern.  Select-> All and Edit -> Define Pattern from Selection.  See my finished pattern, image three, below. 

Step 6 - My fourth image below shows my pattern filled into an eight inch square.

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