Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pattern 50

Thursday, March 5, 2015
My goal at the beginning of January was to create 100 patterns for the year, but I think I will well exceed that as I am already on my 50th pattern.  I decided that I need to reset my goal.  Although I am doing one a day on many days, I haven't created one every day so changing my goal to 365 is unrealistic.  I think a good challenge will be to reset my goal for the year at 180.  That would be an average of 1 every other day.  I hope you will stay with me as I continue on my journey of pattern exploration.

I have been sticking with ten patterns of each type, so today's pattern will be my last stripe for awhile.  This pattern has the following repeat:  A, B, A, C, A, B, A.  There is a narrow A color, the white, on either side of every B, my dark red, and every C, my gold.  My white stripes are one eighth inch wide and my dark red and gold stripes are each three eights inch wide.

I started with my usual two inch square file.  I kept my grid preferences the same as my last pattern.  That is, I have my subdivisions set to eight.  Using the Rectangular Marquee tool, I drew out my four white stripes one eighth inch wide at the following positions:  one, five, nine, and thirteen.  I then selected the inverse and colored the remaining selections dark red.  These selections are each three eighths inch wide.  I then hit control D to unselect and changed my foreground color to gold.  Using the Paint Bucket tool, I simply changed the color of two of the dark red stripes, the second one starting in position six, and the fourth one starting in position fourteen.  And that created my finished pattern.  I selected all and saved the pattern that you see below.

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