Friday, March 6, 2015

Pattern 51

Friday, March 6, 2015
My next series of patterns are going to be simple 'hand drawn' patterns using the Brush tool in Photoshop Elements.  I am going to start with a one inch by one inch square file that I outlined which will form a grid when it is tiled, and my hand drawn lines will form the pattern.

My first step is to create the outlined square file which I will use to start each of the next ten patterns.  To create this file, I start with a blank square.  I then turned the grid on and using a size 13 pixel hard brush I drew an outline around the square.  My first picture below is of this basic starting point.

Using the same 13 pixel hard brush, I then 'freehand' drew some lines within the square to create my pattern which you see in the second image below.  The third image shows how this simple square grid pattern repeats. 

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