Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pattern 33

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Since I missed creating a heart pattern yesterday for Valentine's Day, I thought I would create one for your today. 

I first created a new two inch by two inch square file.  I created a new layer and filled the entire layer with solid red using the Paint Bucket tool.  I then selected the Cookie Cutter tool and selected the heart shape from the shapes menu.  I cropped the red layer in the shape of a heart.  I turned on the grid, and using the Move tool, I made the heart smaller (about one inch by one inch) and centered it within the square.

Next, I followed my directions for creating a half drop pattern.  The heart shape is symmetrical side to side, so the instructions work for the first part.  But I realized when I need to separate the shape top to bottom, I simply had to cut the shape in half and move the top part to the bottom of the square, and move the bottom half of the heart to the top of the square.  I turned off visibility of my background layer, selected all and saved my pattern as you see it below.

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