Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pattern 28

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Just to make a little challenge out of this, I decided to recreate my Pattern 27 on the diagonal as a half drop pattern.  Since it has four colors in it, I had to study it from a 45 degree angle to determine where the repeat is.  On my other half drop patterns I have half circles directly centered on each side of my square, but on this one I determined I needed to have quarter circles in the corners as well, plus five circles in the center.  That way I could have a perfect repeat and still include all four colors.

I started by creating a new 8 inch x 8 inch file and filled it with a simple half drop dot pattern.  This would give me plenty of room to work out my pattern, as I would crop it later.  Using the Paint Bucket tool, I selectively filled the appropriate dots to create the pattern on the diagonal.  I filled enough dots so that all the colors would be included correctly in my crop.  See my first picture below.

Keeping my grid visible, I then used the Crop tool to perform a perfect square crop with purple quarter circles in the corners.  You then see the teal half dots perfectly centered on the sides, and the remaining five dots in the center.  After cropping the file, I selected all and saved the pattern.  See my second picture below.  The next picture shows the overall pattern over a deep red background.

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