Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fish Fantasy

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Early in 2014 I started exploring creating some of my own patterns in Photoshop Elements.  Back when I created my patterned birds and frog pieces, I used patterns that I exported from Electric Quilt.  The problem I found with using these patterns, is that they are not perfect repeats.  When you use them to fill a space, and the space is much larger than the pattern, you can see where the pattern tiles. 

I started creating some patterns of my own that will repeat seamlessly.  One of these patterns was a series of arches or upside down U shapes.  When I colored the pattern, it reminded me of fish scales.  And from that idea came my series of fish pieces.  I used some of the same background images as from my bird pieces, and I found some fun and whimsical fish motifs in Electric Quilt that I exported as jpg files.

I built my designs in Photoshop Elements the same as I did with my patterned birds, printed them to fabric, and appliqued them onto a batik background fabric.  I chose some batik fabrics that gave the impression of being under water.  I free motion stitched both the background fabric and the top layer applique.  The following pictures are the entire series of these whimisical fish pieces.


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