Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pattern 157, 158, & 159

Saturday, September  19, 2015
For these next three patterns I started with a new 2 inch by 2 inch pattern that I created in red and yellow.  See my first two images below.  I then created two different versions of this pattern.  For the second two images below, Pattern 158, I filled the yellow part (Paint Bucket Tool with 'Contiguous' unchecked) with my Pattern 12.  I then  'cleaned up' the black areas using the Paint Brush tool and modified the colors as you see below.  For the second version, the third two images below, I filled the red part with my Pattern 12.  So you can see that even though I have used the same two patterns in combination, the outcome can be quite different depending on which area you choose to fill.  I like the second version, Pattern 159, a little better, although I do like them both. 

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