Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pattern 155

Thursday, September  17, 2015
I started with my 2 inch by 2 inch file, and for this pattern combination I first filled it with my Pattern 90.  I filled in the yellow part (Paint Bucket Tool with 'Contiguous' unchecked) with my Pattern 12.  You can see the result of this in my first image below.  Because there are some tiny bits of yellow near the edges of some black parts and some tiny bits of black in some of the yellow parts, I decided to 'clean up' those areas.  I used the Paint Brush tool to go over those areas with the appropriate color to make them solid.  I then changed the purple and yellow colors to what you see in my second image below which is the final pattern as I saved it.  The third image shows the pattern repeat.  I like the overall repeated pattern on this one a lot.

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