Friday, September 4, 2015

Pattern 148

Friday, September  4, 2015
Today and for the next couple of days I am going to start with my Pattern 147 from yesterday's post.  I want to make a small change to the previous day's pattern and see where it will take me.  I started with my 2 inch by 2 inch file and filled it with Pattern 147.  Next, I used the Stamp Filter to alter the way that pattern looks.  You can see the result of that with my first image below. 
For as long as I have been using Photoshop Elements, I am always discovering something new.  Maybe I knew this before, but just didn't remember that when you use the Stamp Filter the two colors that result are the colors that are set as the foreground and background colors.  I always thought it was just black and white, but that was probably because I oftentimes have those colors set to the default.  So anyway, when I applied this filter my result was what you see below.  Then I realized I had my foreground color set to a light lime green and my background color set to royal blue.  That's why I love this pattern challenge mission I am on this year!  I am not only learning how to create all kinds of repeatable patterns, but I am always improving my Photoshop skills.
The next thing I did with my pattern after applying the Stamp Filter, was to use the Paint Brush Tool to 'color' over the thin lines that resulted from the Stamp.  You can see how this looks in my second image below which is my finished pattern that I saved.  The repeated layout is shown in my third image, and that looks very different from the repeated image of my Pattern 147.

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