Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pattern 99

Thursday, July 2, 2015
I'm seeing that these plaid patterns can go on to infinity.  I'm having fun seeing how my different stripe patterns look after I turn them into plaids.  So far, I have taken a single stripe, copied the same stripe and rotated it to make my plaid.  So then I thought, what if I take two different stripe patterns and mix them to see what kind of plaid I can create.  Some of my combinations are turning out better than others, but this is kind of fun to do.

So here is my next plaid.  I used my Pattern 43 for the vertical stripe and my Pattern 44 for the horizontal stripe.  (These patterns were posted on February 25th and 26th.)  So each one is a separate layer.  I have been putting my horizontal layer on top and then reducing the opacity of the top layer to 50%.  The following pictures shows how this stripe combination turned out when made into a plaid.

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