Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pattern 95

Sunday, June 28, 2015
I want to show you some plaids now.  Basically a plaid is made up of bars of stripes woven at right angles to each other.  To create a plaid pattern in Photoshop is basically the same steps as creating a check pattern.  I created a few different plaid patterns using the stripe patterns I created earlier in my blog.  The first stripe pattern I am going to use is my Pattern 50 that I posted on Thursday, March 5th.  To create it, I followed the same steps I did for my check patterns:

Step 1 - Open the pattern file for Pattern 50.  I had saved it as a jpg file when I originally created it so I could use it or modify it later if I wanted to.  See image one below.

Step 2 - Copy the layer and rotate it 90 degrees right.  See image two below.

Step 3 - Lower the opacity on the copied layer to 50% and there is your plaid pattern.  See image three below.

Step 4 - See image four below for the pattern repeated in an eight inch square.


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