Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pattern 71

Saturday, April 25, 2015
I've taken a little break as I have been doing some traveling, but I am full of new inspiration and hundreds of photos that I am looking forward to incorporating into future works of art.  For now, I am ready to get back to creating more patterns that I want to share with you. 

For this next series of patterns I want to explore combining some of the patterns I have already created to see what kinds of new patterns I can come up with.  Here are the steps I took to create this next pattern.

Step 1 - Create a new two inch by two inch file and make sure you have your grid visible.

Step 2 - Use the Rectangular Marquee tool with 'Add to Selection' selected in the Options Bar, drag out a one inch square selection in the upper left quadrant.  Repeat that by dragging out another one inch square selection in the lower right quadrant of the overall square.  You should have two one inch square selections in alternate corners.

Step 3 - Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill in the selected areas with a solid color.  I chose a purple color.  If you have 'continuous' unchecked in the options bar, you can fill both selected areas at once.

Step 4 - Now select the rest of the square by selecting the inverse of what you already have selected.  Select -> Inverse.  Fill the two remaining squares with a different color.  I chose an olive green color.  My first image below is what I now have.

Step 5 - Press CNTL D, or Select -> Deselect. 
Step 6 - Create a new layer.  Layer -> New -> Layer

Step 7 - On the Layers Palette select the new blank layer.  Select the Paint Bucket Tool.  In the options bar have the Pattern box checked.  Since I have been saving all of the patterns I have been creating, I selected my Pattern #24 polka dot and filled the blank layer with this pattern.  This pattern has a two inch repeat and a transparent background.  See my second image below.

Step 8 - On the Layers Palette reselect the original 'checked' layer.  Use the Eyedropper Tool to select the purple color and make that your foreground color.  Now use the Magic Wand Tool to select the two green areas.  If the 'Contiguous' box is unchecked, you can select both green squares at once. 

Step 9 - On the Layers Palette reselect the dot filled layer.  Select the Paint Bucket Tool and uncheck the Pattern box in the Options Bar.  Now fill the pink dot with your purple color.  It should just fill over the two green quadrants.  See my third image below.

Step 10 - Now go back and reselect the 'checked' layer.  Use the Eyedropper Tool again, but this time select the green color to make that your foreground color.

Step 11 - Go back to your dot layer.  Now you want to select the two alternate quadrants.  Select -> Inverse.
Step 12 - Using the Paint Bucket Tool again fill the pink dots in the purple squares with your green color.  You can see this step in image four below.

Step 13 - That completes your pattern.  You can now save it.  Select -> All, and Edit -> Define Pattern from Selection.

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