Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pattern 62

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Here is my next Greek Key pattern.  For this one I started with a one and a half by one and a half inch square file.  By not 'outlining' the square in black to start, I don't have a black box around each 'key' pattern thus separating them.  This way each 'key' moves directly into the next one.  I accomplished this, too, by starting with the black on the left and ending with white on the right.  The same is with the black starting on the top of the square and the white ends the pattern on the bottom.

Again, I used the grid (subdivisions set to 8) to guide my one-eighth inch wide Rectangular Marquee selections until I completed the pattern with my selected area.  I filled the selection with black using the Paint Bucket tool.  I then 'selected all' and defined the pattern from the selection (under the Edit menu).  This creates another variation on a such a classic design.

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