Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pattern 61

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
I started out with the last set of ten patterns intending to 'free hand' draw lines and shapes into my one inch grid, but it evolved into my using the grid to make more precise line drawings.  I'm kind of liking my 'semi' Greek Key patterns that I came up with, so I thought I would make some more patterns using the grid.  I did a Google image search on Greek Key patterns and found that a number of variations came up.  I plan to make a few more similar variations.

For this next one I started with a one and three-quarter inch square file.  I set my grid subdivisions to 16.  I then used the Rectangular Marquee tool to select  the areas you see below that are filled with black.   You need to have 'add to selection' set in the Options Bar so you can drag out long rectangular lines and keep adding more selections until you have the selected area the way you want it.  I made each of my selections one-eighth inch wide.  I then used the Paint Bucket tool to fill the selected area with black.  I altered the colors on my repeated pattern image.

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