Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pattern 42

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
This time I created a stripe with three colors, red, white, and blue.  Each of the colors are the same width and the repeat of the colors is the same, that is, it goes R, W, B, R, W, B, and so on.  Instead of creating a two inch square file, I created a two and a quarter inch square file.  It needs to be divisible evenly by three since there are three colors in the repeat.

I used basically the same procedure as in Pattern 41, but this time I moved over two rows (or a half inch) before selecting the next rectangular column.  I had three selections for the blue, then I had to deselect and start making selections for the red.  Finally I selected the remaining areas for the white.  After creating my three color stripe pattern, I selected all and saved the pattern.  Of course you could do this same process for a stipe of any three colors.

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