Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pattern 39

Saturday, February 21, 2015
My next pattern was a fun little challenge.  Since Photoshop Elements' cookie cutter shapes include a heart, diamond, spade, and club, I thought I would create an alternating half drop pattern using all four.  I takes a few more layers and motifs to create this four inch repeat.  Here's how I did it.

Step 1 - I created a six inch by six inch file so I would have enough room to create all of the motifs I needed for the repeat. 

Step 2 - Create four new layers and color two of them red and two of them black.

Step 3 - Crop the two red layers, one with the heart shape, and one with the diamond shape.  Crop the two black layers, one with the spade shape, and one with the club shape.

Step 4 - Using the Move tool and the grid turned on, reduce the size of each of the shapes to one inch by one inch.

Step 5 - Duplicate the diamond layer once and the heart layer once, so there are two of each.  Then duplicate the club layer three times so there are four of them, and duplicate the spade layer four times so there are five of them.

Step 6 - Using the Move tool, arrange all of the individual layers so that you have created the six inch by six inch grid pattern I show below.

Step 7 - Use the Crop tool to crop the pattern into a four inch by four inch pattern as I show in my second image below.

Step 8 - Select -> All, and then Edit -> Define Pattern from Selection.  And there you have your playing cards alternating pattern with a four inch repeat.

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