Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pattern 21

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Now I want to move on to some patterns based on different dots or circular motifs.  The first one is a basic block repeat.  Since it is a simple repeat of a single design element, in this case a dot, you only need one dot to create your pattern.  The repetition of this single dot will appear in a grid-like structure. 

To create this simple pattern, I first created a new file one inch by one inch at 300 dpi.  I selected the ellipse tool and holding down the shift key, I drew out a perfect circle.  My circle was automatically filled in with whatever I had selected as my foreground color.  Mine was a pinkish red.  When you create a shape like this it automatically creates it as a new layer.  I converted my background layer to a regular layer and turned off its visibility.  This way my circle had a transparent background.  I selected all, and saved my single dot as a pattern.  I named this one 'Dot001 1 in'.  This is my first dot pattern and it is a one inch repeat.  By saving it with a transparent background, I can fill it over any color which will then become its background color.

The pictures below are of the dot that I saved as a pattern and the dot pattern filled over an 8 inch pink square.

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