Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pattern 10

Sunday, January 18, 2015
This will be the last of my kaleidoscope patterns of this nature for awhile as I am ready to move on to some other ways to design patterns.  As you can see from the patterns I have shown you so far, they are as endless as kaleidoscopes themselves.  I will definitely be returning to them.  In fact, as I have created these last 10 patterns, I have discovered other ways to create kaleidoscope patterns that can look entirely different than the ones I have already done.  Some of these are done freehand and completely in Photoshop Elements.  Others I have created with Kaleidoscope Kreator, but have made them using images that I would never have thought of using a year ago, or even a month ago for that matter. 

That is the beauty of starting out on a self challenge like this, is that one thing leads to another and our creativity keeps growing.  It is amazing!  You might think you would run out of ideas, but just the opposite is true.  The more I create, the more things I think of creating!  So anyway, here is one more kaleidoscope pattern for you to enjoy.  Tomorrow I am going to start creating patterns that originate from quilt blocks.

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