Friday, November 21, 2014

Patterned Frogs

Friday, November 21, 2014

I liked my small bird series so much I wanted to do more pictures like those, maybe using different animals.  My mother likes to collect frogs and has quite the adorable assortment.  Since her birthday was coming up in February, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a couple of patterned pieces to add to her frog menagerie.  After all, what collection of any mother's would be complete without some of her son or daughter's art.

I designed these pieces the same way I did the small bird series.  I found a line drawing that I liked for one of the frogs, but since I couldn't find another one that I thought made a good pair, I simply reversed the image, closed the mouth, and changed the location of the spots.  I used similar colors and the same background fabric for the pair as you can see below.


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