Saturday, November 29, 2014

Design Class

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I have another piece from my design and composition class that I designed digitally.  For this assignment we were working with photo abstraction.  We had to take a photo and trace only the main lines, omitting the details.  We then added color to the original abstracted drawing.  We could use the same or similar colors as the original photo, or any colors of our choice.

I opened a photo of the Colosseum in Rome in Photoshop Elements.  I added a new layer over the picture layer so I could 'trace' the outlines.  I made this second layer like tracing paper by filling the entire layer with white, but with a low transparency level so I could see through it.  Using the brush tool, I simple drew the main lines of the picture.  As you can see from the finished piece the lines are very abstract and free form.  I then used the paint bucket tool to fill in all the areas between the lines with color and printed the entire piece to fabric.  I free motion stitched this whole cloth piece to finish.


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