Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pattern 77

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
My next pattern has a few more steps to create.  I combined one of my quilt block based patterns with one of my dot patterns.  I also added an outline effect to the overall design.  Here is how I created it.

Step 1 - Create a new two inch by two inch file, and change the background layer to a regular layer.  Layer -> New -> Layer from Background.

Step 2 - So you will have a transparent background, select all and delete the white background.

Step 3 - Select the Paint Bucket tool.  Have the Pattern box checked in the Options Bar.  Select my Pattern #19 from my January 27 blog post and fill the space.  See my first image below.

Step 4 - Uncheck the Pattern box in the Options Bar and make sure Continuous is unchecked.  Change your foreground color to a blue and fill the black with blue to change the color.  See the second image below.

Step 5 - Go to the Effects Palette and select the Black Stroke 10 px effect and apply it to the pattern.  See image three below.

Step 6 - Create a new layer, Layer -> New -> Layer.  On the Layers Palette, drag the new layer below the original layer. 

Step 7 - Select your new layer and fill it with Pattern #26 from my February 5 blog post to add the yellow dots.  See image four below.

Step 8 - There are some bits of circles that show that I don't want, so I used the Eraser Tool to clean up the corners.  See image five below.

Step 9 - Using the Paint Bucket Tool, change the yellow dots to green or any color of your choice.  Pattern unchecked and Contiguous unchecked in the Options Bar.

Step 10 - Still using the Paint Bucket Tool, change the background around the dots to a yellow green or a color of your choice.

Step 11 - Merge the two layers, Layer -> Merge Visible.

Step 12 - Turn your grid on and select the Brush Tool to draw a black line around the entire box.  This will complete your pattern.  I used a 16 px hard black brush.  Having the grid turned on helps you draw the line straight around the very edge of the file.  See image six below.

Step 13 - Now Select -> All, and Edit -> Define Pattern from Selection.  Image seven below.

Step 14 - The last image below shows the pattern filled into an eight inch square.

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